Eiza Gonzalez Bikini of the Day


Eiza Gonzalez is some rich and possibly famous Mexican….for what I like to assume is her taco that she’s stuffed into a pair of really skimpy panties…a taco that if you look at the paparazzi pics…you can see in full cameltoe position…a taco that has allowed her to take her celebrity to America and do very important things like instagram model….and get into paparazzi pics wearing a bikini…without anyone actually knowing who she is…but who cares who she is, we are lazy and if she’s good enough for the paparazzi, she’s good enough for me to look at in a bikini, which as a Canadian isn’t saying much, because I look at every girl in a bikini in awe…we don’t get those in our parts…we get snowsuits…

I guess we are seeing fame happen….but the interesting thing about this isn’t who she fucks, how rich her dad is, whether she’s part of a Mexican drug cartel, or if she’s stealing white people jobs…like the luxurious work as a chamber maid in hotesl…

What does matter is that her instagram picture ABOVE…is edited so hard…versus her paparazzi pics that aren’t…leading me to think she thinks we are fools, or she likes to give herself more shape like all these girls on social media do…they are liars, it is all lies…and luckily for people like Eiza Gonzalez….she can eat a few extra corn tortillas and erase it all in post production…lies or she thinks we are a fool…or she knows it doesn’t matter dudes will still stare.


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