Daisy Lowe in a Bikini of the Day


My new favorite use of social media is maximizing the Geotag, because people love to post where they are – when they are they – like they forgot about the pervert creepy 1990s internet where everyone wanted to be anonymous due to crazy fucking people raping and killing you….

And the reason I like the geotag, is to remind people of the raping and killing potential of the internet and geotags…you’re not safe just because you bought into the whole giving yourself a virtual life that mimics your real life in a polarized, filted, bullshit way…so that your insecure ass looks cool…

I like to go to restaurants, click the geotag, find a hot chick in the place, google her, check her linked in, find out her dog’s name, and if I’m lucky find out her dad died when she was 6 – like I did yesterday – knowing that is a perfect opportunity for daddy issues…and girls with Daddy issues are the most fun….

So Daisy Lowe…”model”…is nice and thick but more importantly, she grew up without a dad – who ended up being a rich rockstar thanks to mom – who was married to Gwen Stefani and wanted everything from his past…including tranny fucking to go away…and what better way to make her go away than to give her money, and modleing career and an opportunity to show the world her big daddy issue tits…

I am a fan…



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