Bella Thorne And Sharks in Bikinis of the Day


Luckily for Bella Thorne – she’s not on her period – I don’t know if she’s old enough to have a period – but probably has her period thanks to her parents exploiting her at a young age – traumatic – she just doesn’t even know it, the hormones in the food and the fact that she’s actually a 40 year old…pretending to be 18…to relive the moment and make it happen for her – and happen is happening, with her 15 million followers thanks to being slutty in pictures but not too slutty so that she can maintain her mainstream acting career…which is super fucking weird…but not really – since instagram is everything- instagram is life – just ask Mark Zuckerberg as he counts his fucking money…

She’s still on Vacation, still in a bikini, but will continue to be in bikinis, even after this vacation is over…because that’s how it works. Instagram.



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