Maria Menounos Bikini of the Day


Maria Menounos is just living bro…but like clockwork, every christmas vacation, or really every chance she gets, she posts a picture of her ass in a bikini, because I guess she loves her fucking body, but I guess she also knows that people love her body, and despite having failed as an actress or personality in the entertaiment industry, but rather forced to be a host to white trash america that watched her show, she can still get some of that male attention…showing what she uses as her pussy…cuz she’s greek..

Sure, some of her best work – is vagina sticking its tongue out at us on the beach intentionally…even though her anus is her actual vagina…it’s a greek thing…yes I know I already said that…i like to repeat myself…everyday, every year, like groundhog day…over and over and over again…

Now I dont’ really find her rainbow booty pic substantial, or even interesting, but give the girl a little attention – she’ll be 40 soon and thus expired…so take it in – even if you, like me, don’t understand why anyone would give a fuck about her…in a world with so many girls who are not so many years past their prime…it must be the rainbow…it’s always the rainbow…

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