Hailee Steinfeld on a Boat in a Bikini of the Day


Hailee Steinfeld is looking good…I guess she’s decided to lean up…in a world full of fat people…and allow her true sex appeal to shine…and I really appreciate her pose, in content that she self produced and put out, it’s not like it’s an awkward angle, or something the paparazzi robbed of her…a moment out of context, it is instead an image she produced, and snapped off a bunch of versions of, because if you know girls, who are far less narcissistic and obsessed with their image than this one, you’ll know a selfie, is always a 25 picture process…and that she wanted her booty to pop in just the right way…

She’s the True Grit girl, never too impressive, always kind of bigger, fully dialed into the industry from a young age, and finally she grasps the key to success…slutty pics for social media…she does have a song about masturbating that she didn’t write herself…so she was off to a good start..it just took some good old fashioned starving herself to get there…

Dreams do come true..


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