Ben Affleck Might Not Be Fahkin’ Batman No More

“Do I carry a breast pump in my utility belt? Ha, that’s a good one, fellas. I’ll try to remember that one.” *makes internal decision that tonight’s the night, for real, no chickening out, this is it, or wait are the Pats playin’?*

After Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad managed to spectacularly fart out within months of each other, the DC Extended Universe is pretty much hanging on by a thread. Allegedly both movies made money, but the best case scenario is just barely, and at nowhere near the rate of the Marvel movies or with the catchet surrounding anything Marvel slaps its name on. Granted, Wonder Woman has the potential to turn things around, but there’s also a lot riding on a solo Batman movie written and directed by Ben Affleck. – Quick note: Notice how absolutely no one is banking on Justice League? I can’t imagine why. (Yes, I can.) – Except in a recent interview, Ben Affleck made it clear that he’s willing to walk if he’s going to be stuck in another piece of shit again. Via io9:

Ben Affleck has been taking his sweet time on the Batman solo flick, tentatively titled The Batman, but a recent interview suggests he might be losing interest in directing it…or, even worse, making it at all.
“That’s the idea,” Affleck told The Guardian, when asked about directing The Batman. “But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script. If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.”

Then again, there could be a simple explanation for all of this and, honestly, almost every decision in life:

ben affleck jennifer garner
“So say I wasn’t Batman no mahr, and I spent more time with you and kids…” *ziippppppp*

(You thought it was going to be the vaping meme. So did I. So did I.)

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