Bella Thorne’s Least Attractive New Years Kiss and Other Bikini Adventure of the Day


Bella Thorne and some instagram model had a horrible New Years eve kiss, but it was probably the biggest day in the instagram model’s life because she got tagged by Bella Thorne on such a big day…in what must be the peak of her social climbing…good hustle…I am sure her ego and attitude as an instagram model is substantially more annoying today….

Bella Thorne was also in a bikini with these girls, her sister, etc, and it was a very skimpy bikini, I watched some of it on snapchat randomly, because a girl I know was scrolling snapchat to see what every asshole was doing, or pretending to do on New Years Eve, to polarize their life and seem interesting, and Bella and her 18 or 19 year old confusingly not fully slutty, but slutty enough to get noticed, hot young body, that has millions of followers…was in this bikini and I was like…this porn generation that grew up on porn and self promotion really get it…good hustle grils..

Childhoods robbed of them….but taught them what matters…being liked by people who can pay….making them vain and vapid brats thanks to having so much pressure on them to get cast….plus they have these parents who are willing to get them everything they need to live the dream…

It really is wonderful because I get to watch on like the pervert I am…and I enjoy that..

Another Jon Benet of her generation, just not dead…and she’s fun to look at…especially when I can see the hang of her pussy in her tight bottoms…


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