26 Small Ways Representation In Hollywood Improved In 2016

Pee-wee Herman has always been something of a queer character, but speculation about his sexual identity is fraught. But, when he returned with

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

on Netflix, he brought a truly queer love story. The subtlety of Pee-wee and Joe Manganiello’s romance is not repressive so much as subversive. The use of queer themes in what’s largely a kids movie introduces…

And in the

Gilmore Girls

revival, also on Netflix,

Stars Hollow finally got a little gayer


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

doesn’t deserve too much credit for its minor uptick in gay representation, but Michel’s (Yanic Truesdale) casual coming out is still something to be celebrated — it’s both matter-of-fact and integral to his storyline, as we learn his husband wants to adopt a child and Michel isn’t exactly a kid person.

(By Louis Peitzman)


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