Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Open Up About Their “Magical” Engagement Story

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are so in love, and we love it so much. Samira announced her engagement to the Orange Is the New Black writer back in October with an adorable Instagram photo, and now they’re opening up about how it all went down in the February issue of Out magazine. Samira, who played Poussey on the hit Netflix show, says she was preparing for the couple’s trip to Palm Springs when Lauren came home and asked her to sit next to her. "Then she got me up, and we started dancing together, and she pulled a ring from behind the couch," Samira told the magazine. "I was completely shocked. I was crying uncontrollably and kept backing away from her . . . We didn’t tell anyone else for a few days. That was really important to us – to have some time where it was just ours."

Lauren went on to reveal that she wanted to pop the question before their getaway so that they could use that time away to celebrate together, saying, "I found a ring, they shipped it to me. I was so nervous and terrified she knew it was coming, but she was so shocked that I couldn’t get her to stop crying. She was hyperventilating. I thought, ‘Oh, this is not good . . .’ She was very clear she’d wait for me to be ready, so to give her something I knew she wanted so much was incredible."

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