Podcast #263: The Philosophy and Practice of Building a Fire the Scandinavian Way

There’s nothing like the warmth and comfort of a glowing fire, especially this time of year.

What is it about making and warming ourselves with woodburning flame that’s so satisfying? And how can we better master the art of firemaking?

Well my guest today has published a book that’s become a cult classic in Scandinavia and it’s all about wood and fire. His name is Lars Mytting and his book is Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way. Today on the show, Lars and I discuss the pleasures of preparing wood for a fire and why firewood is an important part of man’s identity in Scandinavian countries. We go on to talk about the best kind of wood for fires, how to fell trees for firewood, how to season your wood for optimal fire building, and the best time to split wood. 

This is a show both philosophical and practical, and it will leave you wanting to build the best fireplace fire of your life when you’re done listening.

Show Highlights

  • Why Scandinavians still use wood to warm themselves
  • Why warming yourself with a fire is so darn satisfying
  • Why wood burning is a clean source of energy
  • What a man’s firewood pile says about what kind of husband he’ll be
  • The “wood age” of men in Scandinavian countries and what it says about a man’s provider role
  • The sorrow of fathers
  • The best trees for firewood
  • Why you should use both hard and soft woods when making a fire
  • The best time to fell a tree for firewood
  • How long it takes for firewood to dry
  • How to season firewood
  • When the best time is to split your firewood
  • How to tell if firewood is actually dried and seasoned
  • Why splitting wood is so enjoyable
  • How to build a fire that will burn hot, clean, and give off as little smoke as possible
  • And much more!

Resources/Studies/People Mentioned in Podcast

Norwegian Wood was a pleasure to read. Lars deftly combines the philosophical and practical in his writing. You’d be surprised that a book just about firewood can hold your attention, but it does. I’m looking forward to building a fireplace fire using my newfound knowledge from Norwegian Wood.

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