Capone unveils his 60 Best Feature Films and 20 Best Docs of 2016

Capone unveils his 60 Best Feature Films and 20 Best Docs of 2016

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. I’m the damned fool who waits until the year actually ends before rolling out my Best Of… list every year, and that’s because I’m often able to squeeze in about a dozen or more films in the last few weeks of December, mostly stuff that others have told me is worth checking out that I either missed when it came out in Chicago or things that simply never came out locally. I also tend to do a great deal of re-watching in that timeframe, mostly in an effort to solidify my top 10. As of this writing, I saw 483 films in 2016 (a personal best!), either in a theater or via screener—from DIRTY GRANDPA to TRAIN TO BUSAN. This number does include a few vintage titles, but only if I saw them in a theater (often as a restored print, but not always). If I simply watched an older film at home, that doesn’t make the list. As I do every year, I’ve separated the documentaries in its own list because I want an excuse to call extra attention to a whole other group of worthy films (20 this year) that might go unnoticed on my main list. Plus, it’s always seemed strange to me to mix docs and features; the same way you don’t usually see fiction and nonfiction books shelved together in a book store. I value them equally, however. I was genuinely shocked at how many great

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