Jennifer Lopez Plants a Big Kiss on Drake at a Prom-Themed Party

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Drake and Jennifer Lopez recently ignited rumors of a possible romance when the two posted matching, couple-y photos to Instagram and had an intimate dinner date, but it was all chalked up to their upcoming musical collaboration. Judging from their night out at a prom-themed party on Thursday, though, it looks like they’re collaborating on a lot more than music. Jas Prince posted a few clips to Snapchat of Drake and Jennifer slow-dancing and being crowned king and queen of the Winter Wonderland prom (which looks like it might have been a birthday party for Jennifer’s father), where the "Ain’t Your Mama" singer wasn’t afraid to plant a big kiss on Drake in front of the crowd.

Later on, Drake and Jennifer broke it down on the dance floor to what might be the song they made together, and Drake’s own dad, Dennis Graham, entertained the event with a rendition of Coming to America‘s "She’s Your Queen." Sources close to Jennifer recently told People that she "seems very smitten" and "has nothing but nice things to say about Drake." Although their kiss isn’t necessarily a confirmation of their romance, it definitely looks like these two are more than friends.

A video posted by Karla (@slayitlikejlo) on

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