Gigi Paris Butt Shot of the Day

There are thousands of girls on my instagram, around 7,000 girls on my instagram, who aren’t actually on my instagram, but who I follow because I am a fucking creep – who take better pics, sluttier pics, more naked pics, and have more followers than Gigi Paris…

They are more successful, more interesting, more creative, more amazing than Gigi Paris…

They’ve get work, are younger, tighter, and more amazing than Gigi Paris….

They have hundreds of thousands of followers, but if I told you their names you wouldn’t remember their names, not that I remember their names, but I see them pop up here and there and think “I should do a post on this babe”….but never do..

Yet here I am putting up a pic or two of Gigi Paris…someone who is a virtual unknown, with 50,000 followers, who no one cares about….but I’m lazy…and it’s availble…so why dig for content when it’s emailed to me…right…maybe that will be my resolution for 2017…but I never stick to that shit so why bother..

Especially when the low level shit I recycle is massive hard nipple tits in a sweater…


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